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A German's Guide To Glasgow/Scotland - Introduction

After the roaring success of Another Introduction To English Law, an articel which was read by at least three people, I decided to give it another try. Therefore, here it is, the ultimative guide to Glasgow. Of course, in English. You might ask, why the author, if writing in English is really necessary, doesn't try to learn the language. Well, tough luck. And to start this text with a complete rip-off, I want to quote Michael Gerber:

Any instances of nonstandard spelling, grammar, or punctuation are hereby declared intentional, and should be considered jokkes.1

Quotes You might or might not read about this guide in the future include the following:

Not as funny as [include favorite comedian/actor/musician], but hey, he's trying. - Famous guy from the Times

An absolute Must-Read. - The author2

I thought, the boy was studying. - My mother

The idea for this project was born on the way back home. Sadly, most of the really funny ideas were forgotten, once I've arrived home. Therefore You'll have to wait if You really want to read something on this page. Sorry.

1 Michael Gerber, Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody, one of the first pages.

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